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community ecology of plants and pollinators in a changing climate

Welcome to the Rafferty Lab in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at the University of California-Riverside. Research in the lab spans the fields of community ecology, population biology, and global change.


We use experimental manipulations, long-term and historical data, and observations of natural variation to investigate the effects of climate change-induced temporal and spatial shifts on species interactions. In particular, we study how shifts in phenology and distribution affect plants, pollinators, and their interactions.


one of our study sites in the Colorado Rockies

Lab News

  • Andrea has been awarded a GAANN Fellowship to support her first year of graduate studies in the EEOB Program!


  • We're back in Riverside after another summer of fieldwork at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab. Andrea started a project to test whether range expansion in two bee-pollinated legumes is facilitated by soil microbes associated with a third legume already present at the newly colonized elevations. Our seed and seedling transplant experiments yielded lots of new data, so it was a good field season all around.


  • Our paper on phylogenetic signal in shifts in flowering time is featured on the cover of Journal of Ecology and is the Editor's Choice for the May issue!


  • Welcome to Andrea Keeler, incoming Ph.D. student in EEOB! Andrea received a Eugene Cota Robles Award to support her graduate studies and will be joining us at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab this field season.


  • Nicole visited UCLA to give a seminar for the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in April.